Introducing San Francisco’s Long-Awaited Overwatch League Roster Reveal


San Francisco’s highly anticipated Overwatch League roster has finally been revealed, sporting a fascinating abundance of young and promising talent. The San Francisco team stirred up a great deal of attention September 28th through a striking announcement video featuring big-name celebrity investors Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Lopez, Marshawn Lynch, and Michael Strahan—some of which have reportedly been part of a recent $15 million investment in the team.

The entire eight-player roster consists of André “Iddqd” Dahlström, Andrej “Babybay” Francisty, Dante “Danteh” Cruz, David “Nomy” Ramirez, Daniel “dhaK” Martinez Paz, Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, and Matthew “Super” DeLisi.

For a quick run-down, the San Francisco Overwatch League roster is made up of players from former Selfless Gaming, LG Evil, Immortals, Kungarna, Tempo Storm—among other teams. With only Iddqd remaining from the previous NRG roster, the San Francisco roster is looking like a powerhouse of young talent alongside Iddqd, who is a more experienced player that has been around since the onset of competitive Overwatch.

NRG officially acquired the San Francisco Overwatch League spot in July, and previously announced the $150,000-per-year signing of all-star player Jay “Sinatraa” Won in early September. Best known for his impressive Tracer play on Selfless Gaming—and a frequent holder of rank 1 on the competitive ladder—Sinatraa is easily considered to be one of the best DPS players in North America.

Alongside 17-year-old Sinatraa is Matthew “Super” DeLisi, both of which are unfortunately unable to compete in the Overwatch League until their 18th birthdays in spring 2018. Super was previously the main tank player for LG Evil, a team that had an incredible run earlier this year after being picked up in March.

Another of the younger players, Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews, has a lot to prove going into the league. Although Sleepy has a lack of formal tournament experience, many speculate that he could be a diamond in the rough, putting good faith in Brad Rajani—the head coach of NRG and former co-owner of Selfless Gaming. Sleepy, known to some as a competitive ladder star, was formerly a part of Tempo Storm in early 2017, and harbors an unquenched thirst to prove himself going into the league.

Like Sinatraa, Daniel “dhaK” Martinez Paz was formerly of Selfless Gaming—a team that was best known for their spawn camp strategies and their own team composition that was even dubbed as the “Selfless Comp.” Often running unique double-hitscan compositions that relied on overwhelming and outplaying their opponents, Selfless saw a profuse amount of success—taking 1st place in the Enter the Arena: Overwatch minor, and the May Overwatch Rumble, in addition to taking 2nd in many of the Alienware Monthly Melees. Often shown wall-riding on Lucio miles above his opponents—patiently waiting for the opportune moment to “boop” his opponents out of position—Dhak will be a great foundation for the team in terms of both player attitude and skill.

Andrej “Babybay” Francisty was a key component to the success of one of his previous teams, Kungarna, a team that took the competitive scene by storm during the triple and quad-tank metas of Season 3 Overwatch. Although there have been controversies surrounding this player in the past, there is no questioning that he is a very talented DPS player worthy of pick-up on the SF OW team.

Dante “Danteh” Cruz previously played for a variety of teams such as Denial eSports and Arc 6—a fan favorite team that took 1st place in the May Alienware Monthly Melee. Like Sinatraa, Danteh has been well-known to consistently have top 10 placement on the competitive ladder, making the San Francisco Overwatch team especially packed with ladder stars. Danteh is also well-known for his Sombra, so hopefully we can all expect some great Sombra play coming out from him in the inaugural season.

David “Nomy” Ramirez was the main tank player for another giant in competitive Overwatch—Immortals. Winner of the Overwatch Winter Premiere and Overwatch Carbon Series majors, Immortals was a force to be reckoned with, although Nomy unfortunately could not attend the Overwatch Winter Premiere due to visa issues.

Last but certainly not least is the veteran player of the team, André “Iddqd” Dahlström. Iddqd has been widely known for his superb hitscan play, specifically on McCree, and has been around since the birth of competitive Overwatch. Iddqd has played on a number of teams in the past such as Rogue, Nubris, and Fnatic before joining NRG which is now the San Francisco Overwatch League team.

As Sinatraa has remarked in the San Francisco Overwatch League announcement video, the team is certainly looking “stacked” to say the least. Composed of former players of some of the best teams in Competitive Overwatch thus far, the future is looking bright for San Francisco. Be sure to look out for the San Francisco Overwatch team in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League in January!

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