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Lineage 2: Revolution is arguably one of the biggest mobile game releases for 2017, gaining over 1 million downloads for Android smartphones alone and sitting at #2 in Top Role Playing games. Featured at TwitchCon, this 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) packs all of the classic RPG elements in a traditional console or PC game and puts it into your hands. When I heard that this game currently has over 350,000 likes on Facebook and 1 million pre-registrations, I decided to try it out myself. Here’s my review.


Right as I started the game, an opening scene appeared. The intro consists of a shattered empire known as Elmoreden, ruled by an arrogant leader named Baium. With Baium’s absence, the people created alliances and waged war against each other . The most powerful were under the Dark Lord Beleth and vowed to create a powerful empire under his name. The emergence of Hardin, a wizard with power second only to Beleth, created the Silverlight Mercenaries. Hardin was then betrayed by his two closest advisors due to Beleth’s dark magic. One Silverlight mercenary by the name of Valdir united the armies of various Aden kingdoms. From here, the tutorial brings the player through Valdir’s battle as he fights against the two advisors who betrayed him. He succeeds, bringing the story to an end as a mysterious elf closes a storybook  and sails into Talking Island, the starting location for every new player.

Character Selection

Once the tutorial finished, I was brought to the character selection screen. From here, players can select from one of four different races:

Human: Worshippers of Einhasad, the goddess of light, humans are able to adapt to any class due to their balanced stats.

Elf: Guarded by Eva, the goddess of water, elves are quick and agile, compensating for their low HP with their high evasion.

Dark Elf: Previous worshippers of the goddess Shilen, dark elves sacrifice some of their evasion for increased attack and crit rate.

Dwarf: Believing in Maphr, the goddess of land, dwarfs utilize their high defense and HP and therefore are physically powerful.

Each of these races can play as any one of 3 different classes:

Warrior: Melee fighters with high HP and defense.

Rogue: Their high evasion rate means they are well skilled with bows and daggers.

Mystic: Powerful damage dealers who use magic to attack enemies.

From here, each class can branch off into one of two different concentrations, each unique to the character’s race. A human rogue, for example, can become a treasure hunter, but that same job for an elf is known as a plains walker.


If there’s anything I really love about this game so far, it’s definitely the audio. The fact that NCSoft provided vocal descriptions of each race was astounding. Very few times have I seen this aspect in an MMORPG, so to see it in a mobile game is all the better. Even during the tutorial, the audio was super crisp and made for a more immersive gaming experience.


I think the most impressive part of Lineage 2: Revolution is the graphics. If I saw this on a video or live stream, I would never think that it was playable on my phone. The character details are very precise, right down to the pixel, and all armor sets, weapons and maps have rich color schemes. The graphics are top notch and are definitely worth checking out on their own.

User Interface

Lineage 2: Revolution was created under Netmarble, so similar to their other games such as Marvel Future Fight, the interface uses a directional pad on the lower-left side of the screen, and the ability buttons on the lower-right side. Much like other RPGs, the player’s character and health/mana bars are located in the top left corner, while the map of the general area is in the top right hand corner. Additional features including settings and inbox are also located conveniently around the map. This sleek design allows for a simple enough learning curve while also maximizing the player’s game experience.

Game Mechanics

The game itself consists of a linear storyline with some side quests to keep you entertained for hours on end. That being said, the Quest feature allows the player to either move to their destinations automatically or manually move there by turning the auto feature off. This is a great feature as it allows for new players to get a sense of the environment within the game without much needed guidance. As with the beginning of every new adventure, new players are given armor and weapons, as well as different upgrades for them. There are many other aspects in which Lineage 2: Revolution preserves the traditional aspects of an MMORPG, and yet they still managed to make the game all their own.


This game has brought me so much joy as a veteran MMORPG player. I’ve been through the entire spectrum of PC MMORPGs and I have not been impressed as much as I have been with Lineage 2: Revolution. With its amazing graphics, stunning mechanics, and a well-written storyline, there’s no reason not to dive into the immersive game that is Lineage 2: Revolution.

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