MLG Dallas Recap

MLG Dallas, the first event of the CWL season was held to kick off the year, took place this past weekend. The open bracket alone was the largest that Call of Duty esports has ever seen with over 250 teams registered to play. While MLG Dallas was the first event, it felt like the event that everyone had been waiting for since 2015. Yes, CoD Champs was very big this year, but with the game going back to Boots on the Ground, many veterans and spectators alike came to watch and support the new game and brought out some pretty impressive numbers with them.

In the weeks leading up to the tournament, many people made predictions as to who would do well and ultimately win the tournament. The majority of these were made after the 2K results of which Optic Gaming had claimed three, leading them to become the favorites. Another team that had high expectations were the boys over at eUnited. Captained by James “Clayster” Eubanks, this roster put in a serious amount of work and practice leading up to the tournament and looked liked a team that had a good chance to do some serious damage.

The open bracket went pretty much as expected, with the surprise being Faze Clan, who is usually a tournament favorite, being forced to play out of the open and try to make it into pool play. Well, they did just that and ended up securing a top 4 placing after a loss to Splyce, who went on to claim the silver that same night. The winner of the tournament was Team Kaliber, a team who has always been a staple competitor in Call of Duty but has not done well since Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. They did not lose a single match all tournament, and it showed how well they were playing to finish off the weekend. Team Kaliber is truly a magnificent team and will be thrilling to watch. As mentioned before, Splyce placed second as the best performing team from Europe so far this year. They took down the green wall and no one expected Optic to get slaughtered in the playoffs, much less to a European team. They too will also be a force to be reckoned with this year.

The high level of play was not the only thing to marvel at this tournament. The team over at MLG pulled off a miracle dealing with not one, but two bomb threats to the venue all weekend. The first of which canceled the entire event on Friday, meaning Adam Apicella, the director of operations at MLG, had to pull off some wizard-level magic to cram a three-day tournament, into two days. Thankfully they did, and it was also one of the smoothest-run events in Call of Duty history and a great test for what the rest of the year will look like.


The next event will be CWL New Orleans Open, January 12th-14th.

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