About Bay Area Gaming

San Jose-based Bay Area Gaming, Inc. (BAG) was launched in May 2017 with the purpose of being the central hub for esports in the Bay Area.

We are a first-of-its-kind community for all things gaming and esports in the Bay Area. Read news articles to stay up to date with the wide world of esports, connect with other players in your area, meet at local events to watch the action or form teams with your friends.

Our goal is to invigorate the community with a passion for games and ultimately position the Bay Area at the frontline of innovation in the esports world.

We sought a solution to the problems gaming in the bay area faced. With no unified community for casual gamers and esports enthusiasts alike, few events with virtually no advertising or social media attention and empty venues struggling to host events, we wanted an all-in-one solution: Bay Area Gaming. By connecting gamers, engaging venues and promoting events, we will make the Bay Area the quintessential esports region.

In the near future, we will partner with more universities, host more events and work with more organizations in the esports industry in order to provide a better service for all of our members.

In the long run, we want to be a household name in esports, both local and abroad, and be a staple in esports entertainment, marketing and every other facet of the industry.

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