Santa Cruz Melee

We host two weekly tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee in Santa Cruz county with our partners Santa Cruz Melee and Santa Cruz Fighting Game Community (SCFGC). These competitions attract some of the most talented Smash players in the world! All of it is livestreamed on Twitch with live commentary.

Fight Night

Fight Night is a free weekly tournament series hosted at UC Santa Cruz's Baskin Engineering department.

Every week features a different set of games, usually with one Smash game and one traditional fighter.

Please check the events on the SCFGC Facebook page to find out when Super Smash Bros. Melee will be featured.

The event starts every Friday at 6:00 PM at UCSC Baskin Engineering 2 Room 192.

Pacific Showdown

Pacific Showdown is a weekly tournament series hosted in downtown Santa Cruz.

Register and find out more information on the event on the Pacific Showdown page.

The event starts every Monday at 5:00 PM at Pacific Gaming Cafe.

Power Rankings (Spring 2017)

Rank Player Name Characters
#1 Spark
#2 Frotaz
#3 replicate
#4 Rymo
#5 Rickety
#6 Kiwi
#7 Treble
#8 Yup
#9 Smish
#10 Aubfox

Twitch Stream